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GPU Algorithm Engineering Intern

This job posting is no longer active

Company Overview

Calling the adventurers ready to join a company that's pushing the limits of nanotechnology to keep the digital revolution rolling. At KLA, we're making technology advancements that are bigger—and tinier—than the world has ever seen.

Who are we?  We research, develop, and manufacture the world's most advanced inspection and measurement equipment for the semiconductor and nanoelectronics industries. We enable the digital age by pushing the boundaries of technology, creating tools capable of finding defects smaller than a wavelength of visible light. We create smarter processes so that technology leaders can manufacture high-performance chips—the kind in that phone in your pocket, the tablet on your desk and nearly every electronic device you own—faster and better. We're passionate about creating solutions that drive progress and help people do what wouldn't be possible without us.  The future is calling. Will you answer?


With over 40 years of semiconductor process control experience, chipmakers around the globe rely on KLA to ensure that their fabs ramp next-generation devices to volume production quickly and cost-effectively. Enabling the movement towards advanced chip design, KLA's Global Products Group (GPG), which is responsible for creating all of KLA’s metrology and inspection products, is looking for the best and the brightest research scientist, software engineers, application development engineers, and senior product technology process engineers.

The RAPID division is the world leading provider of reticle inspection solutions for the semiconductor industry. The company provides inspection solutions to both the mask shops and the semiconductor fabs to ensure that lithography yields are consistently high thus enabling cost-effective manufacturing.


We are looking for top talent enthusiastic about massive scale computation leveraging GPU architect. Driven by defect sensitivity requirements and modeling algorithm complexity, computation cost is skyrocketing. Ideal candiate shall have solid understanding of CUDA progamming framework and basic knowledge about image / signal processing. Candidate responsibilities include the following:

Analyze logics and computation cost of various algorithm components

Transcribe C++ code written for CPU (SIMD) to GPU

Re-arrange / revise logic to improve throughput with accetable accuracy tradeoff

Provide guideline for GPU friendly algorithm design


Progress towards Master of Science or Ph.D in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Applied Math or related field

Past experience with GPU CUDA programming

Image / Signal processing

Minimum Qualifications

Progress towards Master of Science or Ph.D in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Applied Math or related field

Equal Employment Opportunity

KLA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants will be considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or any other characteristics protected by applicable law.